Professional licensing and regulatory defense for therapists including: Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist, Social Worker

Whether you’re a Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist or Social Worker, your patients’ emotions play a central role in your chosen method of treatment. Not unlike your role in a patient’s therapy, Crick Walanka Law Group is here to help you in your time of need.

The thought of defending yourself before a professional board at a conference or a formal hearing can be tremendously unsettling. Crick Walanka Law Group is here to help restore your peace of mind in knowing that a highly compassionate, dedicated and experienced legal team is fully prepared to represent your best interests.

I was referred to Ms. Walanka by a friend who is an attorney in another practice area. I was very happy with the outcome of the informal hearing. Ms. Walanka prepared well for the informal hearing by generating folders for everyone at the meeting that profiled my experience, provided sample reports, published articles etc to define my past work. This provided help in rapidly resolving my issue. I am grateful for the representation.

Our firm has a wealth of knowledge in defending professionals in therapy-based fields who face licensing and regulatory allegations such as:

  • Abuse
  • Boundary violations
  • Abuse of controlled substances
  • Failure to maintain patient records
  • Negligent treatment
  • Submitting false reports and custody evaluations
  • Discrimination
  • Sharing confidential information
  • Billing issues
  • Making false statements or claims
  • Violating ethical standards
  • Unlicensed activity
  • Failure to comply with continuing education requirements

We are also available to help with less adversarial matters, such as license renewals and applications. With over twenty years of experience, we deeply understand all requirements and processes regarding licensing.

Professional licensing and regulatory defense for therapists

Whether you are facing a formal hearing or need help with license renewals and applications, Crick Walanka Law Group has over 20 years of legal expertise in matters of professional licensing and regulation.

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