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Defensive law services for nurse practitioners including: RN, APN, LPN, CRNA, CNA

When Your Dedication is Questioned, Let Us Help to Defend You

How many times a day do nurses like you give of yourself in the name of delivering quality patient care? It would be easy to lose count and these efforts, great and small, admittedly aren’t always noticed. However, there is a time where the attention is unwanted – such as when a nursing board, government agency, or employer threatens your ability to practice nursing further due to an allegation.

When the process begins with contact from an investigator, Notice of Informal Disciplinary Conference, Complaint, or non-negotiated offer of discipline, it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed and distraught by the experience. In the midst of these highly emotional moments, you may feel as though you should provide as much information as possible – but that is never your best option in your defense. These are not situations you should attempt to manage on your own, as the information you provide could be used against you during proceedings.

Suspension is not an ending. Especially when we know the way back.

Crick Walanka Law Group has decades of experience representing RNs, APNs, LPNs, CRNAs and CNAs who require defensive legal services in investigations and disciplinary prosecutions such as:

  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Mental or physical impairment
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Drug diversion
  • Failure of a drug test
  • Patient abuse
  • Sexual and personal boundary violations
  • Failure to report a conviction ,out-of-state disciplinary action, or termination
  • Falsification of information on a license application
  • Failure to timely renew a license
  • Standard of care violations

Beyond representing you during disciplinary investigations and the hearing process, our law office represents nurses who already have a suspended license. If you fall into this category, do not walk away from the nursing profession. We’re here to help.

Early Representation Is Key to a Good Defense

Contact Crick Walanka Law Group to discuss your options for seeking reinstatement. We will be able to explore the necessary terms and conditions that lie ahead for effectively following probation procedures.

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