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The Rare Moment As A Medical Professional Where You’re The One Who Feels Under A Microscope

Imagine serving in a medical profession where you’ve just been notified or suspect that you are being or will be investigated or suspended. The circumstance may stem from a complaint of alleged misconduct in patient treatment, inappropriate prescribing, billing, staff interactions, or even purely personal matters, such as criminal arrests or convictions, or alcohol or substance use.  Don’t assume you can “explain away” the situation to an employer or investigator.  Medical professionals should take this seriously, because they certainly will.  Remember that it is always ok to ask for time to speak to an attorney to discover your options.  You may have quite the legal battle ahead of you – and even while the case proceeds, you may lose hospital privileges, Medicare provider status, your DEA registration or even your license.

These are just some examples of the challenges medical practitioners can encounter. Whether the matter involves an investigation or a formal hearing, medical professionals still have other forms of adverse consequences they may have to overcome as a result of the cascading effects of an investigation or disciplinary action.

Of course, some cases are less adversarial too.

We welcome healthcare professionals who are applying for licensure or require our help to prepare an application or complete continuing medical education hours. Crick Walanka Law Group can be a much-needed consultant to you in addition to serving as your attorney. Let us help you to navigate the road ahead and ensure your application process goes smoothly.

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