Licensed Business Professionals

We defend licensed professionals in the following industries: Real Estate, Accounting, Detective, Security, Alarm, Locksmith, FOID, PERC, Concealed Carry, Cosmetology, Roofing

Don’t Let Legal Worries Keep You From Pursuing Your Career

You didn’t get into business to spend the bulk of your time defending your credibility and business practices before local, state, or federal agencies. Crick Walanka Law Group is dedicated to providing a strong defense to help you maintain your business without interruption.

If you’re being investigated, or have received a notice or conference or complaint against you, you may feel you need to put your work endeavors on hold. When you contact our office, we can provide immediate clarity and you’ll likely find yourself in much greater control of the next steps while preserving your ability to work.

Crick Walanka Law Group has over twenty years of experience representing business professionals in industries that include:

  • Real Estate
  • Accountants
  • Detective
  • Security
  • Alarm
  • Locksmith
  • FOID
  • PERC
  • Concealed Carry
  • Cosmetology
  • Roofing

Rule Number 1: Don’t Panic

No matter how intimidating the investigator may be, you are always entitled to have legal counsel present. Contact Crick Walanka Law Group for assistance if you’re being investigated or in any circumstance related to:

  • Applying for licensure
  • Structuring a new business in accordance with industry regulations
  • Compliance audits and training (registration, record keeping requirements)
  • Formal complaints alleging statutory violations
  • Appealing a denial on a license or permit application
  • Investigations by a regulatory agency or department
  • Hiring appropriately licensed workers

Our firm delivers a feeling of relief and even empowerment in representing a variety of business professionals – whether that’s a real estate broker dealing with a state agency or a security firm that needs to obtain firearm control cards. Crick Walanka Law Group understands the nuances and variables related to your specific profession, and can assist you in maintaining a steady career path.

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Crick Walanka Law Group provides assistance for licensed business professionals under investigation or in need of licensing, regulatory, or compliance assistance.

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