We Represent Licensed Professionals

Legal defense services for licensed professionals, from Physicians to Private Detectives

Few things are more threatening to a medical doctor, dentist, chiropractor, psychologist, pharmacist, nurse, or other licensed professional than the prospect of being investigated.

Licensed professionals work today under a constant shadow of scrutiny. A host of federal laws, administrative regulations, licensing board rules and other statutes and ordinances regulate almost every aspect of professional practice. More and more patients, clients, competitors, and regulators are bringing charges and complaints for an assortment of real and imagined misdeeds. Across the country, state licensing boards are increasing the number of licensees disciplined each year. The longer you practice, the more likely you are to be investigated.

However, knowledge replaces fear, and taking some precise, careful steps when investigated will help ensure that your rights are safeguarded and may result in a better outcome.

Medical Practitioners

We specialize in defending all physicians and practitioners licensed under the Medical Practice Act, Dental Practice Act and Podiatric Medical Practice Act whether a Medical Doctor (M.D.), Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.), Chiropractor (D.C), Psychiatrist, Podiatrist, Physician Assistant, Dentist, Dental Hygienist, or related medical practitioner.

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Registered Nurses

We have extensive experience defending all variations of nursing licenses, including Registered Nurse (RN) Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Certified Registered Nurse Assistant (CRNA), Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), and all other fields of nursing.

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Healthcare Professionals

We defend all regulatory and credentialing actions against Health-Related licensed professionals such as: Pharmacist, Nursing Home Administrator, Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Massage Therapist, Physical and Occupational Therapists.

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Therapists and Mental-Health Professionals

Our experience includes defending all types of mental health professionals, including: Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist, Social Worker, and any other specialty license or certification in the mental health field.

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Licensed Business Professionals

Our firm provides defense for all licensed businesses and business professionals, including: Real Estate Broker, Appraiser, Accounting, Private Detective, Private Security, Alarm, Locksmith, FOID, PERC, Concealed Carry, Cosmetology, Roofing, among others.

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Administrative Appeals

Our firm offers our experience in appeals of administrative decisions, through the review process within the agency, to the Circuit Court, Illinois Appellate Court, and up to the Illinois Supreme Court.  If you get a decision you’re unhappy with, we can help you challenge it on administrative appeal.

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