Administrative Appeals

Contesting an Administrative Decision

An Adverse Decision is Not the End

If you just received a decision from a licensing board or other regulatory agency that negatively affects your license, you should be aware of your right to appeal the decision.  Your appeal rights vary greatly depending on the board, department, or agency that issued the decision, and may include internal levels of review within the agency or external review in the courts.  No matter what stage your case may be in, we are prepared to appeal any negative recommendation or adverse decision you have received.

Crick Walanka Law Group has experience in appealing administrative decisions to higher levels of review within various agencies and beyond to the Circuit Court, Illinois Appellate Court, and up to the Illinois Supreme Court.  We can also help you keep practicing your profession while the appeal is pending if your license is suddenly suspended.  If you get a decision you are unhappy with, we can help you appeal it.

Time is of the Essence

The time frame to request reconsideration, review, or to appeal the decision under the Administrative Review Law is often brief.  If an appeal or request for reconsideration or rehearing is not requested within the appropriate time frame, you could lose your opportunity to challenge the decision to higher courts.

It is imperative that you contact our office to discuss representation as soon as possible after receiving an adverse decision.  We are prepared to work swiftly to meet appeal deadlines and to advocate that the decision be overturned.

We can help.

Time is of the essence. Schedule a consultation with Crick Walanka Law Group to discuss contesting an administrative decision.

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