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Defense Attorneys for Licensed Professionals

At Crick Walanka Law Group, we take the time to carefully understand your circumstances in an environment that is intensely committed to learning every detail to ensure thorough representation.

Led by attorney Lillian Walanka, we have decades of experience defending licensed professionals in Medical, Dental, Nursing, Health-Related, Therapy, and Business careers. We provide defensive legal services in investigations and disciplinary prosecutions conducted by state and federal regulatory and administrative agencies as well as appeals of agency actions.

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Defending Illinois Licensed Professionals facing State and Federal Disciplinary Action

It can start with a letter or phone call. Without representation by experienced licensure defense attorneys, the regulatory agency contacting you may enter an action that could result in the discipline or revocation of your license as well as conditions you must legally adhere to.

Suddenly, you face the very real proposition that you may not be able to practice a profession you’ve loved for years. A myriad of questions follow:

  • Do these claims have any merit?
  • What are my rights?
  • What will this action do to my credibility?
  • What can I say or should I say to the other party at this point?
  • Will I be able to practice my profession?
  • Who can I trust for legal answers on my next steps?

Certainty & Confidence When You Need It Most

In an unsettling, overwhelming situation, the best protection you can have is early representation. Crick Walanka Law Group will be an invaluable partner along the way, working tirelessly and passionately in an effort to help you maintain your license so you can continue to work. Contact us to request a consultation.

We Provide Care, Compassion, and Vigorous Legal Defense for Licensed Professionals

From Physicians to Private Detectives, we provide expert legal help for licensed professional when you need it most. Crick Walanka Law Group also assists with licensure and credentialing applications, renewals and restorations, and offers consulting to professionals and businesses to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. In each unique situation, you’ll find we bring a special combination of care, compassion, and vigorous defense that couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

Legal Help for Licensed Professionals
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Early Representation Is Key to a Good Defense

Our primary focus is defending licensed professionals against actions to revoke, suspend, or otherwise discipline their licenses. We also assist in obtaining professional licenses and other interactions with licensing and regulatory agencies.

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